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Philadelphia Is Doing Something About Our Sugar “Love Affair” According To Philly Lawyer Karl Heideck

     According to the USDA, the average American consumes between 150 and 170 pounds of sugar a year. Thirteen percent of the total adult caloric intake between 2005 and 2010 was from sugar calories. Eighty percent of all packaged foods contain sugar. And soda is the leading source of sugar for adults between the ages of 18 and 54. A 20-ounce bottle of soda has more than 17 teaspoons of sugar in the recipe. It’s hard to judge the amount of sugar people eat during the day, but the maximum intake of sugar should be 36 grams for men and 24 grams for women.

Obesity from too much sugar is creating health issues for people of all ages, and little is being done on the federal level to curb this “love affair” with sugar. But one city is doing its part to cut the amount of sugar people put in their bodies each day. Philadelphia put an extra tax on soda at the beginning of 2017. City officials hope the 1.5 cents per ounce extra tax will force people to buy drinks that don’t have as much sugar as sodas, according to Jenkintown lawyer, Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck specializes in risk management review, litigation, and compliance law. He is also well-versed in employment and corporate law. Mr. Heideck got his law degree from Temple University, in 2009, and he did his undergraduate work at Swarthmore College.

Besides practicing law, Karl Heideck is a professional writer. Karl’s legal essays are informative as well as useful. Several websites and blogs publish his work. Plus, Karl Heideck is now a regular contributor to Philly Purge.

According to Karl Heideck, the new Philadelphia soda tax law is controversial. Opponents of the tax say the soda tax hurts local businesses, and it hurts consumers because they pay a double tax. Sugar drinks already have a tax built into the price. Some union leaders say people are losing their jobs because of the new soda tax. But the two rulings in favor of the soda tax by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, and the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas confirm the soda tax is legal.

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As Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rose Through The Ranks Of Bradesco, The Company Also Bloomed

When he joined Bradesco 47 years ago as a clerk, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was only eighteen. It is conceivable that very few people, including him, envisioned that he would one day be the CEO of one of the largest banks in Latin America, and the second largest private bank in Brazil, Bradesco. However, the CEO position was not handed to him on a silver platter; the executive had to put his best foot forward. He had to demonstrate beyond doubt that he shared Amador Aguiar’s (the founder of the bank) vision of establishing a world-class institution that is customer-centered.

Just like Amador Aguiar, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marília, a place that is fondly referred to as the “birthplace” of Bradesco. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco shares more than just a place of origin with the late Amador Aguiar. He is a visionary leader whose style of leadership closely resembles Amador Aguiar’s style and other CEOs that came after him. Luiz Carlos Trabuco embodies the spirit of Bradesco.

Before joining Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco attended the University of São Paulo. His undergraduate studies covered philosophy, sciences, and letters. He is also an alumnus of Fundação School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s postgraduate studies on Socio-Psychology have influenced his career in different ways especially the cultivation of professional work relationships with all members of staff and other executives.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be promoted 15 years later from his entry-level position (clerk) to a relatively senior position of marketing director. He leveraged his new position to distinguish himself as a results-oriented employee. As soon as he assumed his new office, Luiz Carlos Trabuco sought to streamline the bank’s communication channels. His actions resulted in well-oiled communication systems that accommodated everyone including the Brazilian and the international media. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s performance was hard to ignore, and in 1992 he got even a more prominent appointment, the executive director and president of Bradesco Previdência. In his new post, he oversaw some of the most significant transactions including the signing of a deal that would see Bradesco sponsor the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro for two decades.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco sustained his upward rise in Bradesco with an appointment in 1999 to be an executive vice president of Bradesco Seguros and four years later, to be the president of the insurance subsidiary of Bradesco. In just six years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco doubled the size of Bradesco Seguros regarding the amount of assets. During the first year that he took over the leadership of Bradesco Seguros, the company’s return on equity rose by seven percent, up from 22 percent. In a show of capability, for the six that he headed Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco maintained the return on equity rate above 27 percent. Also, Bradesco Seguros performance in the group’s results increased by nine percent to 35 percent.

With an impeccable track record, it was only fair that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was made the overall president of Bradesco in 2009. He has been serving in the mentioned position to date where he continues to serve Bradesco and its clients diligently. A notable occurrence during his tenure at the helm of Bradesco is the purchase of the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2 billion. The deal which was struck in 2015 took the Brazilian financial industry by storm. Barons termed it “the largest transaction in Brazil in 2015.” In fact, Isto É Dinheiro Magazine honored Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the “Entrepreneur of the Year,” in the finance category. Most recently, the Forbes Magazine included him in a list of the “Best CEOs in Brazil.”

How Much You Should Own In Stock As A Retiree According To Oxford Club

Nowadays, Americans are living longer than before. For example, if you happen to retire at the age of 65 in relatively good health, you may be looking at a maximum of three decades in retirement. With a 20 to 30-year time horizon, you will require a serious shot of equities to create long-term earnings that surpass the rate of inflation easily. Because the increase may be MIA today, but it might not be the same in the future, and especially a future calculated in decades.

However, retirees also face a prospective risk of investing too much of their money in stocks. Nevertheless, when you are still young, and you are making contributions to your investment portfolio, a declining market offers you fantastic purchasing opportunities. Nonetheless, when you retire and you solely depend on your ventures to complement your social security payments or monthly pension, selling your stocks during a severe growing market can result in a relatively smaller portfolio once the market finally recovers.

When you are in a declining market, however, instead of selling your stocks at low prices, you can use your five-year-reserve to pay your expenses. If the market keeps dropping the following year and the next one, you should continue living off your dwindling reserve and abstain from selling your stocks at deteriorating market prices.

Once the market rebounds to new highs, rebalance your retirement again by selling enough equities to help you replenish your five-year reserve. This scenario is a real-world, practical solution to the famous question of how much you should have in stock. Investment U recommends you to begin early, save consistently and invest wisely because retirement rebalancing is an ideal solution for your old age retirement enigma.

The Oxford Club is a financial company with over 100 members from different countries and allied clubhouses from all over the world. Established in 1989, Oxford Club offers the most incredible investment research.

This club has a long list of custom services offering their members exceptional opportunities for beating returns in the markets, and also strategies to help them acquire and preserve long-term wealth. The members of the club also get other opportunities by sharing information and ideas through regional seminars, online interactions, and financial tours.

Siteline Cabinetry Company Kitchen Design Styles

Siteline Cabinetry is a company that is committed to the highest forms of design excellence. The design company has more than two decades of professional excellence and experience solving the design issues facing their clients in and out of the United States. Because the company is committed to the highest levels of professional value, few people can amass their significant management policies in a manner that is paralleled in the industry. In fact, Siteline Cabinetry is set apart as a result of their professional value when it comes to developing state-of-the-art designs. Perhaps this is the reason why the company is adopted on a massive scale in the business world.

According to Siteline Cabinetry, every cabinet commences with great design. This is why they have developed a wide range of kitchen cabinet concepts below. First of all, despite the numerous trends in the market, many homeowners are seeking cabinet styles, functions, and colors that suit their particular desires and preferences in the home setup. As time keeps on elapsing, numerous styles have been developed by the cabinet companies depicting the true nature of the industry when it comes to the artistic style and design. Perhaps this can be a trend for the homeowners to adopt.

When it comes to designing your kitchen cabinets, you can choose the subtle design and clean lines. These are the most predominant cabinet designs for kitchen cabinets as well as the living room cabinets. Subtle designs and clean lines ensure design flexibility towards the end of the era. This means that cabinet doors are now developed with simplicity in mind. For this reason, they come up with a particular gain steam that develops the most sophisticated entity in business. For anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen ideas, they can do so by achieving the best circumstances in the industry.

Siteline Cabinetry also advises that homeowners choose a shaker style for its achievements. While they come with the classic monochrome costume, they will remain dominant for years. At a glance, some associate shakers have attractive versions to choose from. This gives you the power to determine the feel and look of your home.

End Citizens United In Support Of Candidate Doug Jones

End Citizens United has been dedicated to overturning the decision of the Supreme Court circa 2010 called Citizens United. The leader of the PAC is Tiffany Muller- a long-time Kansas official who has been fighting against discrimination and social alienation for years.

On 27th September, the PAC announced their support for Democratic nominee Doug Jones to assume a seat as U. S. Senate. He is running against candidate Roy Moore for the Alabama special election on 12th December. End Citizens United made it clear that they are strictly against Roy Moore and his views.

Candidate Roy Moore is known for is radical agenda against the LGBT community and he has been advocating for giving significantly more power to groups such as Public Advocate which has been targeting members of the LGBT community for years. Not only that but Roy Moore also publicly stated that churches should be fair game for groups to use as a means to funneling money from Christians.

End Citizens United are against Moore for many other reasons as well. After a charity campaign, Roy Moore directed more than a million of the proceeds to himself instead of giving them to charity the way he has publicly promised to do. Targeting people based on his bigotry and stealing money is a popular practice for Roy Moore. It is also the reason why he was removed from his job as a judge.


For many years Roy Moore had been using his legal power to target same-sex couples denying them a marriage license although the law explicitly allows same-sex marriages. He has also been coercing other judges to discriminate against members of the LGBT community. Roy Moore was removed from his position because of these and many other actions such as letting go of attackers who have been violent agains homosexual people.

Doug Jones, on the other hand, has been bringing criminal to justice for decades. One of his most popular cases involves members of the KKK, who took part in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing, killing four young girls. Doug Jones has also been heavily involved in charity, never once claiming money for himself the way Moore has on several occasions.

It this political climate, it is important to place as many candidates in power as possible who will aid communities and fight discrimination. Along with Big Money in politics and the increasing corruption, the political scene could use candidates who respect the law as well as the individual no matter their sexuality, gender, religion, and so on.

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End Citizens United has been growing and expanding and it has now reached 3 million members. The PAC is fighting against corruption in politics, ”dark money”, and discrimination.

Securus Technologies Exposing Corruption in a Prison

When I show up to the prison and start my shift as a corrections officer, I have come to expect my fellow officers having my back as I do theirs. The jail is a much more dangerous place than in recent years, and the flow of drugs combined with overcrowding is making my job extremely dangerous. Each day we are desperately trying to eliminate the flow of drugs, despite inmates taking jabs at us and saying finding drugs in the jail is easier than where they were free on the streets.


Our team would spend a considerable amount of time doing surprise cell inspections, searching guests and inmates during daily visits, and even listening to conversations the inmates make on prison phones. Despite these extra efforts, the inmates continues to get drugs without issue. It wasn’t until Securus Technologies updated the call monitoring system in our facility that we were able to shed a light on the cause of the trouble.


Securus Technologies has already placed their telephone call monitoring systems in over a thousand jails all over the country. The LBS software can now scan multiple inmate calls and isolate specific chatter concerning drugs or weapons. This week I was alerted to a number of calls regarding drugs and an unknown source. The calls all referenced a person and visiting dates, but we could not make the connection. On a hunch, we staked out the area and paid close attention to guests arriving and how they interacted with the inmates.


Day after day, the incidents would occur when a certain guard was assigned duty in the visitor center. After investigating the lead, we discovered he was turning a blind eye for cash, allowing drugs to get right into the jail and putting us all in further danger. This officer is not enjoying his new view in a cell at a local prison.