American Institute of Architects The First Of Its Kind

     Originally coined the “New York Society of Architects” in 1857, The American Institute of Architects was the first professional organization of its kind. Founded by a group of architects, the organization sets educational standards for those who call themselves architects. Prior to the AIA any person could call themselves and architect and after the establishment of the AIA, a person must have graduated from an approved program and be licensed in his/her jurisdiction.

The AIA is headquartered in Washington D.C., has over 200 employees, and operates on a budget in excess of $55 million. The institute has over 300 local chapters all over the world. They have over 90,000 members and publish ARCHITECT: The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects, a monthly publication about architectural news.

Robert Ivy was named Chief Executive officer and Executive Vice President of the AIA in 2011. The move comes after a long career in the industry as an architect, critic, publisher, and former member of the AIA Board of Directors. His knowledge of the industry, along with his forward thinking, has made him the right man for the job over the past decade.

In addition to his role at the AIA, Ivy has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Record since 1996. He has served as an Editorial Director and Vice President of the Construction arm of publisher McGraw-Hill. In the latter position, Robert was responsible for the management of a large team of editors that produced a number of publications related to architecture and construction.

After graduating from Tulane, Robert began work at Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy, where he was a managing partner for over a decade. He has won numerous awards for his work in the media, including the 2009 Crane Award. This award was for Mr. Ivy’s lifetime dedication and contributions to the business. A year later, Ivy gained Master Architect status by the architectural fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi. His contributions to the field of architecture is nearly unmatched, with little doubt that a better representative of the profession exists.

Robert is a graduate of the University of the South Sewanee and Tulane University, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture. In 1993, Robert was invited into the extinguished AIA College of Fellows.

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