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The Convenience of Professional Wikipedia Assistance

Larry Madowo is a news reporter who works in Nairobi, the capital of the African nation of Kenya. He recently started his day by finding out that he was actually a politician who was born 127 years ago in 1889. This information came courtesy of his Wikipedia entry. A detail-oriented admirer sent him a screenshot of the Wikipedia information as proof. The television presenter’s response to the incident was that he believed the biography was “awesome.” The bizarre Wikipedia revisions stated that Madowo was a politician who was at the helm of Kazi party, oddly enough. The Wikipedia edits at some point even indicated that the media personality was possibly a vampire. Madowo, needless to say, was highly amused by the whole wacky situation. He laughed at it via his account on the social networking site Twitter.

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Vice Presidential Candidates Wikipedia Pages

One of the most interesting things about Wikipedia is how there are edits that are made very frequently. You can almost think about this as having an actual, hard backed encyclopedia book, which has the ability to be edited at just about any time. The fact that we have taken everything online has created the ability to have a network where Wikipedia edits can be made to the pages that we look at all the time for information, which truly is an amazing thing. Based on the fact that a Wiki page serves as a place of reference, if something happens in a day that affects the overall content of the page, an edit can easily be made. One of the most interesting things that has been seen lately is the huge amounts of edits that have been being made to certain potential Vice Presidential candidates, both on the Democratic and the Republican side.

The Democratic side has been more active, however, as just under one hundred Wiki revisions were made to Tim Kaine’s page, which was head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. He ended up getting the selection for vice president, but it is pretty obvious that he was going to get picked. The reason that his page was being edited was the fact that Wiki is such a huge platform that people use. Most people are going to be coming to Tim Kaine’s page after the announcement from Hillary Clinton, who likely have no idea who Tim Kaine is. This is what happens the bulk of the time, so each time that a person heads over to Tim Kaine’s page, they are literally getting a first look at him, which is why it is so important to the Hillary Clinton campaign to word everything just right. This makes total sense and is seen across the board, dating back to the 2008 elections, and there is no doubt that this trend will continue.

Wikipedia is huge and is only going to continue to get bigger, so if you want to get a page built, you should hire a Wikipedia editor do it. It is a huge hassle trying to build a page and many people put a large amount of effort in, only to have a sub-par page. If you want to avoid theses issues and easily come up with an outstanding page, the best thing you can do is hire a professional, such as Get Your Wiki to build your page for you.