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Michael Zomber Explains His Interest in Japanese Culture


Just after Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan was published on Amazon, Michael Zomber gave an online interview about this book. His iUniverse podcast covers various topics such as the book’s plot, setting and other references. Additionally, Zomber explains in the interview what inspired him to write a novel about Japanese history. Anyone who knows Zomber’s background should not be surprised by the revelations that are made in the podcast. After all, Michael Zomber has been collecting antique oriental weapons and armor for more than 40 years. He particularly cherishes his samurai swords, scabbards and other items that have been carried and used by Japan’s elite fighters.

Michael Zomber has also written another novel about Japanese culture. Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai provides plenty of historical lessons on the spread of Christianity in Japan. When the religion arrived in the country, it was accepted by many common people without much resistance. However, Christianity eventually became so widespread that it posed a great danger to Japan’s ancient religious beliefs such as Buddhism. Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai clearly highlights the period when Japan’s government persecuted citizens who followed the Christian faith. As an American Christian, Michael Zomber thought it would be appropriate to write a book about his religion in the Far East. This book links his passion for samurai culture with his own religious affiliations.

Michael Zomber’s prolific resume also includes some films such as the Soul of the Samurai. IMDb credits that this documentary was made in his own independent studio that is called Renascent Films. The Soul of the Samurai informs the audience about the ancient traditions of Japan’s honorable warriors who often served various dynasties. In this film, Zomber reveals some rather shocking lessons on Bushido, which has defined the way of life for samurai fighters. For example, samurai warriors were supposed to avoid confrontations among each other by respecting Bushido. Those who didn’t properly follow this code of honor were often attacked by loyal samurai fighters. Michael Zomber has always been impressed by the tremendous discipline that Bushido has brought into Japanese society.

Danilo Diaz Granados Explores Luxury Options From Miami To Palm Beach


Luxury means different things to different people, and Toys For Boys founder Danilo Diaz Granados believes the Latino men of Miami, Florida have been shortchanged in the options available to them in the past; Granados changed the luxury lifestyle industry in 2013 when he created the male targeted Toys For Boys brand with a store in Miami that offered contemporary art, cars, and much more from a single location. Combining his skills as an entrepreneur with the investment options Granados now seeks with FCP makes him one of the most important individuals for those seeking a luxury lifestyle to connect with in Florida.

Danilo Diaz Granados has once again come to the fore as the Toys For Boys brand set about its latest event in July 2016 that brought the best in Florida luxury to a small group of men chosen by the Toys For Boys brand team. Luxury in Miami doesn’t get much more glamorous than attending a breakfast meeting at the One Thousand Museum, which was designed by Dame Zaha Hadid who also designed the Aquatics Center for the 2012 London Olympics.

Following the gourmet breakfast and tour of the One Thousand Museum the luxury aspect of the day continued with a helicopter whisking the men to the Palm Beach Race Track where the high octane eklement of the day kicked into maximum overdrive with a period of race car driving. Returning to Miami from Palm Beach saw the men enjoy a return helicopter experience as Danilo Diaz Granados continued to bring the most luxury possible to his loyal group of clients.

Closing the day in the perfect way was not a problem for Danilo Diaz Granados and his team when they led a sunset cruise with Dom Perignon champagne from the River Yacht Club in Miami. Enjoying a day of luxury is just one aspect of the work of Granados and his team that has seen Toys For Boys become a major success in Miami.  See pictures from the event on Danilo’s official Instagram feed, as well as his Twitter account.


Life in the World of Hedge Funds and Law

Sam Tabar is a professional and licensed attorney, practicing law in New York, USA. He spends much of his time in the fund management industry. As the head of A Bank of America (Merrill Lynch), he introduced institutions to investors such as foundations, endowments, family offices and funds of funds. In his career, he is consulted on operations, law, and also helps in creating strong working teams.

Before joining Merrill Lynch in 2011 as head of a capital strategy, he worked as the co-head of marketing for Sparx Group. Sparx Group (PMA) is one of the largest independent funds in Asia. At Sparx Group, Sam Tabar worked as a manager; he managed all the PMA’s facets and enhanced its global marketing effort. In his job, he was responsible for creating a new and revolutionary asset raising strategies as well as product development.

Besides the two mentioned positions, Sam Tabar practiced law and worked as an attorney for Meagher, Skadden, Roth & Zabel, Slate & Flom and Arps. He holds a degree in Arts from Oxford University and a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School. As a professional, he edited the Columbia Business Law Journal. Although he was educated as an attorney, he is better known in the world of hedging funds.

Although he holds a masters degree in law, he currently possesses a degree in finance law and has served hedge funds in Hong Kong. Sam Tabar interest in the world of funds hedging, as well as investment law and finance structures, influenced him in pursuing the degree in finance law. Currently, he is a private investor and one of the earliest investor in She Thinix as well as Tribute. Through his investment, he has managed to re-invent the feminine hygiene industry through his social mission ‘to empower women worldwide.

Conclusively, CrunchBase tells us Sam Tabar continues to provide legal advice to various industries and individuals. He is a member of the New York Bar and continues to practice law in New York and internationally. He is also considered to be a veteran lawyer and financial strategists.  To read more about where Sam is going next, check out this news article about him on Bitsylink.

Why Kyle Bass’ Attendance Of The 2016 New Establishment Summit Is Controversial

The 2016 New Establishment Summit will be held on October 19th and 20th in San Francisco, California. There are a bevy of high-profile speakers that will be featured at this year’s event. The CEO of is set to attend, as is the Vice President of Apple. But perhaps the most controversial attendee of the event will be a man by the name of Kyle Bass.

In 2008, before the September financial crisis, Kyle Bass worked for Bear-Stearns. Until Bass left them, they were one of the top investment banks on Wall Street. After Bass’ employment relationship with Bear-Stearns collapsed, he let some information out to a journalist who asked a probing question the following Monday. By Friday of the same week, Bear-Stearns had lost so much stock value on Wall Street, J.P. Morgan-Chase was forced to buy them out. This would prove the first domino which would eventually topple all five big investment banks in September. Bass didn’t set the dominoes up to fall, but he certainly seems to have set the chain reaction into motion. It is less remarkable that he made a fortune by short-selling against sub-prime loans later that year when one considers his earlier involvement with Bear-Stearns.

UsefulStooges reported that Kyle Bass runs a hedge fund called Hayman Capital Management out of Austin, Texas–though, Bass is originally an Argentine; which somewhat explains his relationship to that country’s socialist despot, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner has defaulted Argentina on two separate occasions. Thirteen years was all it took her to make these historically bad leadership calls. Yet Kyle Bass never criticizes her actions. Does this mean his economic ethic is in some way congruent to hers? That is exactly what many have begun to speculate. Considering that he runs a hedge fund–which is a type of financial account nicknamed a “vulture” fund because it steals the life from dying organizations–and that the primacy of his history involves undercutting existing financial powers for his own personal benefit, it only makes sense that some would conclude Bass’ financial core has a socialist component. That he is speaking at the 2016 New Establishment Summit should be a concern to anyone cognizant of current financial politics.

Jim Hunt Going Big Making Mum A Millionaire

When it’s time to go big, it’s time to go all out, and that is what Jim Hunt of VTA Publications is doing now with his new project called Making Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades. Hunt is a financial expert who has built his own portfolio, learned the ropes of stock trading, and now educates others on how to do that. He professes to have secrets about stock trading that up till now, only the wealthy and the powerful have been privy to, but he is now sharing them in his tutorials and publications.

To make mum a millionaire as he put it, it’s all about knowing which stocks you should trade, even more so than executing the trade itself. The idea behind this move for Jim Hunt is to show that trading stocks is not as complex a process as many people have made it out to be. Hunt is asserting that just using the simple mathematics of doubling an amount of money via a trade, can compound to over $1 million in just ten times. Hunt has produced many more tutorials, such as how to make money in a bear market, on his YouTube channel.

The company that Hunt produces this work for is VTA Publications, a distance learning company that gives people the material they need to know about starting up a business, and making investment decisions. Courses you can buy from them include things like learning stock charts, learning about lesser-known options in futures trading, and guides on planning retirement taken even from the bible. VTA Publications also has many guest speakers come in for seminars on business and wealth management, from which you can get insights into the business world and becoming a self-starter. Anyone can order these materials as VTA ships to anywhere in the world.