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Achieve a perfect butt with a Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

Many people are unhappy about their appearance. The good thing is that there are many procedures conducted by specialist that help improve their appearance instantly. Some of the most popular procedures are tummy tucks and breast augmentations. While Brazilian butt lifts have not been so popular in the past, they have started gaining popularity in the recent past. It is not a secret that the butt is an important sexual characteristic. One may look out of balance if their butt is asymmetrical. To improve the look of your butt, you can visit Dr. Clayton Frenzel, a plastic surgeon in Dallas.


Brazilian butt lift technique

A Brazilian but lift procedure involves using liposuction and lipo-injections to the areas of the butt that need enhancement. If you have the procedure done right by an experienced plastic surgeon in Dallas like Dr. Naveen Setty, you can achieve a fuller and more attractive butt.


The procedure requires the doctor to perform liposuction in areas such as thighs and hips. The fat that is harvested is then purifies and later administered as lipo-injections in the areas of the butt that require lift. The entire procedure can be done in just one day or you can make multiple visits. To achieve a perfect butt, you need to visit an experienced surgeon.


If you wish to add volume to your buttock and achieve a rounder and fuller butt, then a Brazilian butt lift is the solution for you. Consult with a plastic surgeon to find out more about the procedure.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejuirkar is a certified plastic surgeon of the board. He is apart of one of the most popular institutes, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute that is located in Dallas, Texas and also the Pine Creek Medical Center. This company’s focal point is the cosmetic surgery that can be done to the whole face including eyes, nose and also the body. Dr. Jejurikar has years of experience in the plastic surgery industry and has been trained in his craft. He also is known for his compassion and care for his patients and their procedures.

Dr. Sameer Jejuirkar has gotten an essential amount of great training and decided to go on to medical school during his college years. He attended the University of Michigan Medical School where he graduated an earned his medical degree. Jejuirkar then went on to being in the medical and plastic surgery industry for around eleven to twenty years.

Dr. Sameer Jejuirkar has dedicated his life towards helping his clients and giving them the most up to date techniques for their aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. He always makes sure his patients and clients come out being overly satisfied with their results. Dr. Jejurikar has come to realization that the people he services are all different with different needs and wants so he has made sure to cater and also pay great attention to them individually.

Dr. Jejurikar has also made it his mission to help those in need. His years of experience and expertise gave him the opportunity to be apart of many medical missions. He took a yearly journey to visit the poverty-stricken children of Bangladesh to be apart of the organization Smile Bangladesh. He has said that helping in the communities has gave him a great sense of humbleness and that he feels blessed to be apart of it all.