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End Citizens United In Support Of Candidate Doug Jones

End Citizens United has been dedicated to overturning the decision of the Supreme Court circa 2010 called Citizens United. The leader of the PAC is Tiffany Muller- a long-time Kansas official who has been fighting against discrimination and social alienation for years.

On 27th September, the PAC announced their support for Democratic nominee Doug Jones to assume a seat as U. S. Senate. He is running against candidate Roy Moore for the Alabama special election on 12th December. End Citizens United made it clear that they are strictly against Roy Moore and his views.

Candidate Roy Moore is known for is radical agenda against the LGBT community and he has been advocating for giving significantly more power to groups such as Public Advocate which has been targeting members of the LGBT community for years. Not only that but Roy Moore also publicly stated that churches should be fair game for groups to use as a means to funneling money from Christians.

End Citizens United are against Moore for many other reasons as well. After a charity campaign, Roy Moore directed more than a million of the proceeds to himself instead of giving them to charity the way he has publicly promised to do. Targeting people based on his bigotry and stealing money is a popular practice for Roy Moore. It is also the reason why he was removed from his job as a judge.


For many years Roy Moore had been using his legal power to target same-sex couples denying them a marriage license although the law explicitly allows same-sex marriages. He has also been coercing other judges to discriminate against members of the LGBT community. Roy Moore was removed from his position because of these and many other actions such as letting go of attackers who have been violent agains homosexual people.

Doug Jones, on the other hand, has been bringing criminal to justice for decades. One of his most popular cases involves members of the KKK, who took part in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing, killing four young girls. Doug Jones has also been heavily involved in charity, never once claiming money for himself the way Moore has on several occasions.

It this political climate, it is important to place as many candidates in power as possible who will aid communities and fight discrimination. Along with Big Money in politics and the increasing corruption, the political scene could use candidates who respect the law as well as the individual no matter their sexuality, gender, religion, and so on.

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End Citizens United has been growing and expanding and it has now reached 3 million members. The PAC is fighting against corruption in politics, ”dark money”, and discrimination.