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Securus Technologies: How Clients Rate Them

Securus Technologies sent an email to all of its 3,000 plus correctional facility partners, asking them about their satisfaction with all of the products and services from the company. Securus Technologies is asking them for a response, and the day after the email was sent, the CEO of Securus Technologies was so surprised when the response started pouring in. There was a lot of emails, and they had to go through all of the messages to get the best answers. The CEO of Securus Technologies had to ask for help so that they can determine which provided the best response to their question about their satisfaction with the company.



The CEO of Securus Technologies revealed a letter coming from the jail officers and all of them stated that the products and services from the company is helping them with investigations that frequently leads them to the suspect. It is also used to detect fraud, and who can be the accomplice of the prisoner when a crime happens outside the prison. With the GPS technology and the recording technology embedded in each product released by Securus Technologies, criminals would have a hard time hiding their criminal acts. The jail officers also commended the user friendly interface of the products sold to them, and they stated that it is very easy to use.


Another message came from a jail officer, who stated that they have been having problems recently because of contraband phones that make it inside the cells. He shared how he was almost killed when two masked men entered his home and shot him six times. He survived so that he can share his story with the world. This man was revealed to be Securus Technologies’s consultant, and he also sent his story to prove that the company is dedicated to innovating for the safety of the public.



Securus Technologies Exposing Corruption in a Prison

When I show up to the prison and start my shift as a corrections officer, I have come to expect my fellow officers having my back as I do theirs. The jail is a much more dangerous place than in recent years, and the flow of drugs combined with overcrowding is making my job extremely dangerous. Each day we are desperately trying to eliminate the flow of drugs, despite inmates taking jabs at us and saying finding drugs in the jail is easier than where they were free on the streets.


Our team would spend a considerable amount of time doing surprise cell inspections, searching guests and inmates during daily visits, and even listening to conversations the inmates make on prison phones. Despite these extra efforts, the inmates continues to get drugs without issue. It wasn’t until Securus Technologies updated the call monitoring system in our facility that we were able to shed a light on the cause of the trouble.


Securus Technologies has already placed their telephone call monitoring systems in over a thousand jails all over the country. The LBS software can now scan multiple inmate calls and isolate specific chatter concerning drugs or weapons. This week I was alerted to a number of calls regarding drugs and an unknown source. The calls all referenced a person and visiting dates, but we could not make the connection. On a hunch, we staked out the area and paid close attention to guests arriving and how they interacted with the inmates.


Day after day, the incidents would occur when a certain guard was assigned duty in the visitor center. After investigating the lead, we discovered he was turning a blind eye for cash, allowing drugs to get right into the jail and putting us all in further danger. This officer is not enjoying his new view in a cell at a local prison.