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American Institute of Architects The First Of Its Kind

     Originally coined the “New York Society of Architects” in 1857, The American Institute of Architects was the first professional organization of its kind. Founded by a group of architects, the organization sets educational standards for those who call themselves architects. Prior to the AIA any person could call themselves and architect and after the establishment of the AIA, a person must have graduated from an approved program and be licensed in his/her jurisdiction.

The AIA is headquartered in Washington D.C., has over 200 employees, and operates on a budget in excess of $55 million. The institute has over 300 local chapters all over the world. They have over 90,000 members and publish ARCHITECT: The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects, a monthly publication about architectural news.

Robert Ivy was named Chief Executive officer and Executive Vice President of the AIA in 2011. The move comes after a long career in the industry as an architect, critic, publisher, and former member of the AIA Board of Directors. His knowledge of the industry, along with his forward thinking, has made him the right man for the job over the past decade.

In addition to his role at the AIA, Ivy has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Record since 1996. He has served as an Editorial Director and Vice President of the Construction arm of publisher McGraw-Hill. In the latter position, Robert was responsible for the management of a large team of editors that produced a number of publications related to architecture and construction.

After graduating from Tulane, Robert began work at Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy, where he was a managing partner for over a decade. He has won numerous awards for his work in the media, including the 2009 Crane Award. This award was for Mr. Ivy’s lifetime dedication and contributions to the business. A year later, Ivy gained Master Architect status by the architectural fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi. His contributions to the field of architecture is nearly unmatched, with little doubt that a better representative of the profession exists.

Robert is a graduate of the University of the South Sewanee and Tulane University, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture. In 1993, Robert was invited into the extinguished AIA College of Fellows.

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Lazaro Brandao’s Departure Signifies More Responsibilities and Influence for Luiz Carlos Trabuco at Bradesco

     In the business world, smooth leadership transitions are compulsory. Anything short of a seamless transition can bring down even the oldest organizations. Consequently, when Bradesco highest-ranking employee Lazaro Brandao decided to leave the bank last year, many were curious to know how the bank would fair. However, the bank’s board quickly promoted the president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco to the Brandao’s vacated post of chairman. Trabuco is now tasked with ensuring that Bradesco has a smooth next few months as it restructures its leadership structure.

Saying Goodbye to a Seven-Decade Career

It was not easy for Lazaro Brandao to resign from his post at Bradesco. He had been the bank’s chairman for a total of 27 years. This 27 year-rein coincided with some of the most significant gains made by the Brazilian bank including taking over Itau Unibanco and subsidiary Bradesco Seguros growing to become the largest insurance provider in the country. Before that he had served as the bank’s president, having been the founder, Amador Aguiar’s second-hand man for decades before that. However, with age catching up with him, Brandao decided to step aside for the next generation of leadership. Brandao is now aged 91 and stated at the time of his resignation that his family was particularly happy that he would now be spending a lot more time with them.

Selecting Bradesco’s Fifth President

Lazaro Brandao’s resignation has also created the need to appoint a new president. This need stems from the fact that Luiz Carlos Trabuco cannot serve as both the president and chairman of a financial institution as large as Bradesco for a long period. Fortunately, Bradesco has very clear-set guidelines on how the process of selecting a new process is supposed to proceed. The decision is typically made by the board of directors by way of voting. The bank votes on the appointment a few weeks before the annual general meeting at which the new president is announced to the shareholders. The next meeting of this kind is scheduled for March 2018. Therefore, for at least the next few weeks Luiz Carlos Trabuco will simultaneously hold the two-highest positions of leadership at the bank – those of president and chairman.

Another of Bradesco’s strong traditions when it comes to appointing a president is sourcing him/her from within the Bradesco group. All of the bank’s previous four presidents have either all been the founder or long-term employees. Equally, the next president is expected to be a senior executive who has been at the bank for a considerable amount of time. Given the high caliber of executive vice presidents currently at Bradesco, the bank will likely have an easy time finding a competent replacement for Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

The Journey Continues for Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Two years ago, it seemed almost certain that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s time at Bradesco was coming to an end. Trabuco was scheduled to hit the mandatory retirement age 65 in 2016 and leave the bank after that. However, since the $5 billion acquisition deal of HSBC Brazil that he had initiated a year earlier was nowhere near completion, the bank’s board decided to extend the retirement age by a further two years. Going by the board’s extension decision he was meant to leave the bank later this year. However, since his newly appointed post does not carry any retirement age, Trabuco could be Bradesco chairman for decades to come.

Even now as chairman of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will still be eager to complete some of the objectives he had set up while being president. He will, in particular, be looking to establish Bradesco as the leading private lender in the country as it once was.

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Tony Petrello Funding Research to End Neurological Conditions in Children

     Mr. Tony Petrello is widely known for his role as the most extensive drilling contractor on the globe Nabors Industries. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the massive corporation and has been with the company since 1991. Since Mr. Tony Petrello became a part of Nabors Industries, he has always served in an executive capacity.

Up to date, Mr. Tony Petrello is the head of the corporation. He was widely responsible for the expansion of the firm over the past couple of years. The company has been a dominant in the global off-shore and oil drilling industry. Nabors Industries is also a proud provider of the safest drilling rigs on the market.

Even though Mr. Tony Petrello has dedicated his career to the growth of Nabors Industries, he is vigorously engaged in philanthropy and fundraising efforts. Mr. Tony Petrello is known for his many generous donations to fund medical research for children with neurological conditions. The cause is close to his heart as Mr. Tony Petrello has an eight-year-old daughter with such a condition and it has drastically slowed down her development and caused lack of oxygen to the brain and the onset of cerebral palsy.

For several years Mr. Tony Petrello has been n the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital and has been heading fundraising events and making sizeable donations to make the neurological research of the hospital a reality. A few months ago Mr. Tony Petrello made the contribution of $5 million to fund the study, and he will be donating $2 M more in 2018. Mr. Tony Petrello has attracted the charitable giving of many affluent individuals such as the head of Enterprise Products Dan Duncan. He and his wife, Dan Duncan directed half a billion dollars to the establishment of a Neurological Research Institute on the grounds of the Texas Children’s Hospital. It launched in 2010.

The goal of Mr. Tony Petrello is to get t the bottom of what is causing neurological disorders and find a cure in order to give children what they deserve – a healthy life. Mr. Tony Petrello and his wife have been at the forefront of these efforts doing their best to raise as many resources as possible to fund the research, and they will also continue to make donations.

The couple has been candid about their experience raising their daughter and are first to join efforts of raising resources and awareness for the cause.

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Ted Bauman’s Got a Hunch About Bitcoins

     Aside from the fact that Bitcoin has become one of the most intriguing internet phenomena, Ted Bauman believes that it might have serious problems in the future. In his article, Bitcoin Has a Massive Problem, he discusses some of the glaring problems that could face it in the future. In this way, he hopes to help his reader fully take financial advantage of the cryptocurrency.

Bauman explains that the first thing the reader needs to be aware of is the disadvantages of Bitcoins. His major gripe with the digital currency is that the transaction times are extremely slow due to the processing it must go through. Because Bitcoin is not centralized, this means that the computers may need to engage in a type of “mining” to create new ones and process orders. In a world where 1,700 financial transactions are completed in an hour, this is simply unacceptable.

These transaction times are horrible and even though Bitcoin has tried to resolve them, they have not been able to change the underlying code of the currency. Instead, a new currency has rose in popularity, Bitcoin Cash. The best thing about this is that any Bitcoin that existed before this currency released is included in the new one. This creates a huge potential for the next inevitable tier of cryptocurrency. Bauman explains that his readers should buy the original currency and simply wait for the next upgrade in currency. He assures that it is money in the bank.

Ted Bauman has been a pillar of the finance community for years. Since his graduation from the University of Cape Town with graduate degrees in Economics and History, he has put his talents to good use helping the community. In general, he has always been in the business of helping people, as evidenced by his articles. Before he was a writer, he worked as a fund manager planning low-cost housing. He eventually caught the eye of major organizations and was recruited to help with their projects as well. For many years Bauman applied his talents in over 75 different countries, making substantial business contacts. Now, Bauman uses those contacts to provide financial information to his readers. He is an expert in finance, international migrations, and low-risk investment strategies. His work continues to impact people in a genuine and meaningful way. While this article may be about Bitcoins, it is just an extension of the help that Bauman has always readily extended throughout his entire career.

Philadelphia Is Doing Something About Our Sugar “Love Affair” According To Philly Lawyer Karl Heideck

     According to the USDA, the average American consumes between 150 and 170 pounds of sugar a year. Thirteen percent of the total adult caloric intake between 2005 and 2010 was from sugar calories. Eighty percent of all packaged foods contain sugar. And soda is the leading source of sugar for adults between the ages of 18 and 54. A 20-ounce bottle of soda has more than 17 teaspoons of sugar in the recipe. It’s hard to judge the amount of sugar people eat during the day, but the maximum intake of sugar should be 36 grams for men and 24 grams for women.

Obesity from too much sugar is creating health issues for people of all ages, and little is being done on the federal level to curb this “love affair” with sugar. But one city is doing its part to cut the amount of sugar people put in their bodies each day. Philadelphia put an extra tax on soda at the beginning of 2017. City officials hope the 1.5 cents per ounce extra tax will force people to buy drinks that don’t have as much sugar as sodas, according to Jenkintown lawyer, Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck specializes in risk management review, litigation, and compliance law. He is also well-versed in employment and corporate law. Mr. Heideck got his law degree from Temple University, in 2009, and he did his undergraduate work at Swarthmore College.

Besides practicing law, Karl Heideck is a professional writer. Karl’s legal essays are informative as well as useful. Several websites and blogs publish his work. Plus, Karl Heideck is now a regular contributor to Philly Purge.

According to Karl Heideck, the new Philadelphia soda tax law is controversial. Opponents of the tax say the soda tax hurts local businesses, and it hurts consumers because they pay a double tax. Sugar drinks already have a tax built into the price. Some union leaders say people are losing their jobs because of the new soda tax. But the two rulings in favor of the soda tax by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, and the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas confirm the soda tax is legal.

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Bruno Fagali – Modern Comparison

Bruno Fagali, Bruno Fagali, Bruno Fagali – Can’t Get Enough

Bruno Fagali is well-known for his legal expertise. He is also known for his everyday comparisons. For instance, the story summarized below shows one that Bruno Fagali knows by heart and even applies real-life lessons to, in hopes of teaching his clients a thing or two – as well as his opponents in court. Read the summary below:

Two Lovers – Brazilian Tale

Having secretly met just three years prior, their first connection was special – the start of many more beautiful, romantic encounters. They knew it was true love.

Melissa had spent long hours alone in her room as thoughts floated around the next “secret date”. She would stay in bed and think of John while caressing her hair, longing for the days when she’d let it down and put on makeup for her lover “out in the open”.

One day, while passing her pearly white office desk, she overheard what seemed to be a good proposal for those wishing to try a new concept by a local businessman – the ‘flash paper photograph’. She saw it as her golden opportunity to express in frames what she couldn’t in words. Her loving gaze was soon caught in a picture frame, her lips up against John’s, an inexpressible smile on both faces as the reflection of light in the room so delicately lit the moist peck that would be forever captured in time. Now, they just needed to show it away.

Over the coming months, John proved his worth as a lover and friend. He took Melissa as his wife, despite initial opposition from both of their families, proving that true love has no boundaries. The portrait was by their side when things got rough, comforting them throughout the entire ordeal.

Six months later, the couple had their first children – a set of twins – and named them Raymond and Floyd. They were welcomed into the family by both their parents and even their grandparents. The long-standing feud was, at last, killed in time – by the power of love: success!

Contributions Made By Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega To Media Companies

     Currently, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is working for Grupo Televisa. Prior to this, he was employed as an attorney and helping several other media companies. This was because he was keen to help people in getting the options which they required. Besides, he was confident that he could help them due to the experience which he possessed.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has worked with very large companies in the world. This is why he has a lot of experience that he used with Grupo Televisa later. He has always ensured that he did the right things that can make this company. He always made sure that everything works out. He continued with all the options which he had. In this way, he wanted to make people aware of what they were missing out on. He wanted to tell them what they would be capable of once they had the opportunities which the company offered.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is always trying out new things at Grupo Televisa. Currently, he is serving as the vice president of this company. He makes all efforts to help other people in whatever they are doing. He tries to help them in getting the best out of different situations in which they find themselves all the time. Due to this effort put in by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, these people are able to consistently perform better in other companies of Mexico too.

Grupo Televisa is considered as the number one media company in Mexico. They have always done well. They continue to improve on a consistent basis. This is because they have set up high standards for themselves. Hence they need to maintain these continually. The company has the leading share of TV viewership in Mexico. Its programs are good, and they have a high TRP.

Osteo Relief Institute for Excellent Arthritis Treatment

Osteo Relief Institute is a center that has specialized in treating and helping patients with arthritis. Arthritis is a medical condition that affects a patient’s joints making leaving the joints swollen and painful. Arthritis consists of multiple types depending on how it affects the patients. Most of its victims are women. Osteo Relief Institute states many cases of disability come about as a result of arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is the most severe and famous type of arthritis. It damages the cartilage entirely which leads to stiffness. The damage done to the cartilage leads the bones to rub against each other which is excruciating for the patients. This brings about swelling and stiffness of the patient’s limbs which compromises the activity of joints.

Arthritis, like many chronic conditions, has no cure but there are available treatments which Osteo Relief Institute offers to patients. The institute provides remedies for sour joints and puts effort to protect life. Osteoarthritis in many cases results from obesity, family inheritance, age, and wounds from injuries. Most effort is required from the patient while using recommended treatment.


Remedies for Osteoarthritis


Exercise and stretching does an amazing work for the joints and carried out regularly before bed. Ensuring the limbs are engaged in activity frequently by engaging in aerobic exercise and avoiding being stagnant in one position for a long period. Overworking joints with repetitive movements should be avoided. Dealing with obesity counts among the remedies and smoking should immediately be halted. One should engage in work that they can handle without strain (HealthGrades). While exercising, the patient should work on building the muscles around their joints. Medical options for arthritis mostly work as pain relieving but come with side effects when taken for a long period. Patients who have tried all the physical remedies to no avail opt surgery as the final option.


Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey


Osteo Relief Institute aims at providing its patients with the most advanced and efficient knee treatments that would bring back the normal knee activity. Many patients are willing to go beyond any limit to recover their health. HOsteo Relief Institute has put an effort in using modern technology to make it easier for them.


Osteo Relief Institute believes that all patients should try all physical treatments before diving to more intense and extreme methods.

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New Roofing and Siding Season in Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a company owned by a family. The company has insured and bonded General Contractors offering services for the residents of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois.

Individuals in McHenry, Lake, Dupage, and Cook counties receive services from Aloha Construction through their Lake Zurich region, and those who are in Washington, McClean, Tazewell, Peoria, and Champaign receive help through the Bloomington office.
Aloha Constructions has plans to make life easier for the Midwest residents this year of 2017. The growth of Aloha construction has had the intention to make individuals feel more secure when they are in their homes. The roofing and siding season of the Aloha Construction has been focused on Northern Illinois.

The entire process has dealt with high winds, dangerous hail as well as storms. Since the roofing and siding season started the contractors have experienced positive progress, and as an organization, it is currently the entire South Wisconsin/ Illinois region with a website intended to help homeowners get instant help when they need it.
Aloha Construction is looking forward to accomplishing its goal and fulfilling its promise of constructing quality for the residents. David A. Farbaky who is the CEO of Aloha Construction points out that since 2013 the organization has been working towards providing quality homes for people and currently he is proud that positive progress has been made.

Aloha Construction Inc. has done hundreds of remodeling services in bathrooms and kitchens. This success makes the organization feel like it is ready to have a standalone crew of specialists out to work even more as contractors.