Connecting the family

Securus technology connects you to your imprisoned loved one right from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to let them miss out on all the magical moments going on without them, just because they have to serve some time. All it takes to sign up is an adult who is eighteen or older that can open an account and schedule a time. These video visitations can allow your loved one to stay connected to their family and friends. Being able to stay home and visit your loved ones means the difference in seeing them or not. Driving all the way to the prison and standing in the lines can be a hassle that many people choose not to endure. With these video visitation, it saves gas and the hassle of going to the actual prison. In this video clip, the different families are getting to video chat with their families and friends. They are getting to be there for special moments and able to make choices and be involved again.
There are many things to miss out on when someone goes to jail. Things such as weddings, first days of school, bedtimes, birthdays and even death. Life doesn’t wait for anyone to finish their sentence, leaving many inmates to miss out on a lot. With Securus technology video visitation these people can enjoy their lives again. Opening an account with Securus technology can lead to new opportunities for many people. It can greatly boost the moral of these inmates and help make their lives more worthwhile. Without video visitation, these prisoners wouldn’t be able to see their daughter grow up and try on that prom dress or wedding dress. They would miss out on their son learning to pitch a baseball or helping him pick out his engagement ring. A mother who just had a baby may not get to see her baby girl’s first birthday party or tell her she loves her at night. A grandparent may die before getting to tell their grandson sorry after a huge fight. With Securus video visitation these families can do all these things. They can tell their child they love them and say they are sorry, or whatever it is they need to say. Video chatting makes a huge difference in these people’s lives. It means the difference between being there or not in a child’s life. It means the difference of telling your spouse you love them. With this video chatting a parent can help their child with their homework or with making life decisions. Securus video visitation can make a difference and help families stay connected.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.