Jim Hunt Going Big Making Mum A Millionaire

When it’s time to go big, it’s time to go all out, and that is what Jim Hunt of VTA Publications is doing now with his new project called Making Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades. Hunt is a financial expert who has built his own portfolio, learned the ropes of stock trading, and now educates others on how to do that. He professes to have secrets about stock trading that up till now, only the wealthy and the powerful have been privy to, but he is now sharing them in his tutorials and publications.

To make mum a millionaire as he put it, it’s all about knowing which stocks you should trade, even more so than executing the trade itself. The idea behind this move for Jim Hunt is to show that trading stocks is not as complex a process as many people have made it out to be. Hunt is asserting that just using the simple mathematics of doubling an amount of money via a trade, can compound to over $1 million in just ten times. Hunt has produced many more tutorials, such as how to make money in a bear market, on his YouTube channel.

The company that Hunt produces this work for is VTA Publications, a distance learning company that gives people the material they need to know about starting up a business, and making investment decisions. Courses you can buy from them include things like learning stock charts, learning about lesser-known options in futures trading, and guides on planning retirement taken even from the bible. VTA Publications also has many guest speakers come in for seminars on business and wealth management, from which you can get insights into the business world and becoming a self-starter. Anyone can order these materials as VTA ships to anywhere in the world.