Nine Ways To Get the Most From Your Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

A lot of the conversion rate optimization tools involve a certain degree of psychology. The traffic you have is what you get. Your conversion rate optimization tools are what you choose to do with that traffic.

I recommend you pay close attention to the following ten tips. Bookmark the page if you need to. These tips go far beyond the idea of “reinventing your design“. Anyone can do reinvent the design. Once you get to the psychology of why your traffic is there, you will acquire more conversions.

1) According to Sentient AI, the use of different colors means different things to people. One person might see a happy color, where another person sees a dark color. You need to understand each color and the meaning behind it. This way you will use the right colors in the right place.

2) You need to talk less about who you are and more on why your customers need you. According to Sentient, bragging about yourself is not going to help your conversions. It all comes down to the psychology of what you are selling. Why does the customer need you?

3) Talk about your benefits. No one wants to hear about what they will lose by not buying your product. Anyone can talk about a loss. Your customers want to know what they get out of it.

4) Infographics work well. Use more graphics and keep your words short and sweet. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your customers will remember a picture more than they will a hundred-word description.

5) Use some power words and highlight what you need to. You need to draw attention to the most important facts. Your customers will remember it more.

6) You need to cut to the chase. You never use 200 words to illustrate what you can in 50-100. No one likes a gabber.

7) Adjectives can only do so much. Verbs will sell your brand faster.

8) Second-person is your friend and neighbor. You need to speak to the person as if they are right in front of you.

9) Most of your customers will not read the whole thing. They scan. Create your page with the scanners in mind.