Tony Petrello Funding Research to End Neurological Conditions in Children

     Mr. Tony Petrello is widely known for his role as the most extensive drilling contractor on the globe Nabors Industries. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the massive corporation and has been with the company since 1991. Since Mr. Tony Petrello became a part of Nabors Industries, he has always served in an executive capacity.

Up to date, Mr. Tony Petrello is the head of the corporation. He was widely responsible for the expansion of the firm over the past couple of years. The company has been a dominant in the global off-shore and oil drilling industry. Nabors Industries is also a proud provider of the safest drilling rigs on the market.

Even though Mr. Tony Petrello has dedicated his career to the growth of Nabors Industries, he is vigorously engaged in philanthropy and fundraising efforts. Mr. Tony Petrello is known for his many generous donations to fund medical research for children with neurological conditions. The cause is close to his heart as Mr. Tony Petrello has an eight-year-old daughter with such a condition and it has drastically slowed down her development and caused lack of oxygen to the brain and the onset of cerebral palsy.

For several years Mr. Tony Petrello has been n the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital and has been heading fundraising events and making sizeable donations to make the neurological research of the hospital a reality. A few months ago Mr. Tony Petrello made the contribution of $5 million to fund the study, and he will be donating $2 M more in 2018. Mr. Tony Petrello has attracted the charitable giving of many affluent individuals such as the head of Enterprise Products Dan Duncan. He and his wife, Dan Duncan directed half a billion dollars to the establishment of a Neurological Research Institute on the grounds of the Texas Children’s Hospital. It launched in 2010.

The goal of Mr. Tony Petrello is to get t the bottom of what is causing neurological disorders and find a cure in order to give children what they deserve – a healthy life. Mr. Tony Petrello and his wife have been at the forefront of these efforts doing their best to raise as many resources as possible to fund the research, and they will also continue to make donations.

The couple has been candid about their experience raising their daughter and are first to join efforts of raising resources and awareness for the cause.

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