Understanding Causes Of Osteoarthritis Through The Osteo Relief Institute

Sources tell us that Osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. Over fifty million individuals suffer from one of the 100 types of arthritis, leaving them not capable of being productive in society. The Mooresville Tribune recently ran an article by Doctor Matthew CuRillo. He speaks of the pain and debilitating symptoms that cause individuals to give up on working or living (Philly Purge). The Osteo Relief Institute offers hope for many of these individuals in the form of technology and treatments.


Osteoarthritis is painful. It is caused by decreasing cartilage in between the joints of legs and ankles. The pain becomes worse when the person suffers from bone to bone arthritis. One way to treat this is by using NSAIDs. These over the counter products can reduce swelling and pain at the site. The NSAIDs offer temporary relief but the Osteo Relief Institute can offer permanent relief if the patient follows instructions. Surgery is not always the only options for relief.


The Osteo Relief Institute uses new technology to adjust exercises and movement that can improve arthritis at the site. One of the procedures is to force movement in order to build muscles at the painful area. Muscles help reduce the friction caused by rubbing bone on bone. Forced movement may hurt initially but will decrease with continuation. Another suggestion is to stop smoking. Smoking decreases the oxygen to the body. Smoking can cause issues with all parts of the body. Weight loss is another way to help an individual to reduce their pain. Overweight individuals stress their bones and joints more than people that are not overweight.

Dr. CiRullo states some of the factors leading to this dishabilitating condition. Age, of course, is one of the causes. Changes in activity and hormones will lead to changes in bones and joints. People with family history of arthritis run a greater chance of developing the condition. Women are more likely to develop the condition due to pregnancy and decreases in hormone production (Health Grades). The Osteo Relief Institute can help individuals to understand these disabilities and help the patients to develop programs to overcome the pain associated.

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